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“Keepers: Old, Scary, & New” Exercise

When times are scary and stress is running high, it can be easy to overlook all the amazing ways we’re adapting to meet the new challenges life is throwing our way. But by focusing on what’s working rather than what’s not, we can continue to make progress toward our bigger future—and prime our brains to seek out more of the good habits that will get us there. 

That’s where the “Keepers: Old, Scary, & New” exercise comes in. It’s a powerful tool for any entrepreneur looking to maximize their productivity and minimize their anxiety during a period of uncertainty. While it may feel like the world is changing faster than you can keep up, the reality is, you’ve already got plenty of foundational skills from the “old normal” that are keeping you stable. You’re also gaining new skills every day, some of which will lay the groundwork for even greater growth when the all-clear whistle finally sounds and we enter the “new normal” period. 

Here’s what to do:

1.The first three columns—Old Normal, Scary Times, and New Normal—represent three distinct time zones. In the first, Old Normal, you’ll identify three capabilities worth keeping from your previous way of doing business.

2.In the second time zone, Scary Times, you’ll identify three new capabilities that have emerged during this period that are worth keeping moving forward.

3.In the third time zone, New Normal, you’ll outline three new things that will be great “keepers” when the new normal period starts.

4.For each capability, you’ll also reflect on why it’s such a valuable asset—and how keeping it will assist your future success and growth.

Change might be scary, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity to reflect, learn, and grow. And this tool can help.