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"First 100 Days" Exercise

Everyone is impacted when uncertain times occur, entrepreneurs not excluded. It’s typical to be caught off guard when something bad happens, so the question is, how do you minimize the uncertainty of a situation and maximize your response to it?

Having worked with thousands of entrepreneurs over the last few decades, we are confident that entrepreneurs have the answers to the current challenges facing them. In uncertain times, we have to envision a future that doesn’t exist yet, one that will keep us motivated and innovative, and prepared for growth.

Dan Sullivan created this thinking tool in direct response to the current situation with the COVID-19 virus, but it can apply to any future scary situation. This tool enables entrepreneurs to transform their uncertainty and negativity into something positive—into a bigger and better way to run their business. Instead of dwelling in reaction mode, thinking and acting only in response to short-term needs and concerns, with this tool, you can put yourself in creative mode, working in full force to prepare for the next 100 days.

How to use the First 100 Days tool:

1. The first three columns—Morale, Momentum, and Motivation—are set up as areas of reflection based in three different time zones. The first, Morale, is everything that you’ve done up until now that has prepared you, in both your personal and business life, to be at your best right now.

2. In the second time zone, Momentum, you’ll consider all the things that are working for you right now. Identify your best resources and capabilities that are already pushing you forward.

3. In the third time zone, Motivation, you’ll look forward to new opportunities that are suddenly possible because of the changing landscape and marketplace.

4. In the bottom portion of this exercise, list five tangible and practical initiatives that you are going to focus on with your team in the next hundred days. What this section does is prepare you for a date in the future, now armed with the knowledge of what was normal before and what you’re being presented with right now.

The reality is, things will never go back to “normal” because our landscape will shift, creating endless new possibilities. Start planning now and enjoy complete freedom to create bigger and better things using the skills and knowledge you’ve accumulated through this scary time.