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The Ultimate Entrepreneurial President, with Howard Getson and Matthew Pinsker

There are many overlaps between entrepreneurship and both American business and American politics. Dan Sullivan, Steve Krein, and guests Matthew Pinsker and Howard Getson discuss the entrepreneurial mindset and structures displayed by Abraham Lincoln and other former U.S. presidents.

In This Episode:

Coincides with revolutions: We attribute greatness to some presidents partly because their emergence on the national scene coincides with industrial revolutions.

Loved technology: Abraham Lincoln was a person who loved technology and was quick to adopt it.

Future-oriented: One of the reasons Lincoln was so anti-slavery is because he was future-oriented.

Entrepreneurial throughout: Lincoln used an entrepreneurial framework and mindset before, during, and throughout his presidency.

Mistaken belief: It can be a mistaken belief to think that you have something figured out because you’ve done it many times.

Seems pretty crazy: A lot of what turns out to be genius initially seems pretty crazy.

Legal and political: Technology only makes its way in the world based on good legal structures and political encouragement for breakthroughs.

Based on benefits: You can only sell something based on the benefits that the end user receives.

Adopted wins: It isn’t the best technology that wins; it’s the one that’s adopted.

Personal and professional: The personality you choose to use in your personal life should be different from the one you choose to use in your professional life.

Have consequences: Actions have consequences, but so do inactions.

One key: One of the keys to successful entrepreneurship is staying in the game.