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Allowing Yourself To Have New Entrepreneur Ideas

How do you know when it’s time to move on and leave behind something you’ve been doing? Business coach Dan Sullivan is ready to give up coaching one level of The Strategic Coach® Program so that he can focus on a higher level. In this episode, Shannon Waller and Dan discuss what led to this decision.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:

  • Why Strategic Coach® decided to increase the frequency of contact with their clients during the pandemic.
  • Why Dan set a date to stop coaching the 10x workshops.
  • What the selection process to replace Dan is like.
  • The growth escalator that Strategic Coach created for their clients.
  • Why the coaching structure at Strategic Coach has been exactly the same for 33 years.
  • How Dan’s future is bigger at the age of 78 than it was at 48.

Show Notes:

The parallel growth between you and your clients will create all sorts of future opportunities you can’t even imagine today.

If you’re feeling held back, or that you have to filter yourself, that’s a clue you need to change your audience.

Instead of asking clients what they need from you, ask what they want from their future.

You can create something new if you know that the time for it will be available.

Your advice is only credible to the degree that you’re willing to implement it yourself first.

You have to free yourself up in your mind in order to create new things.

When a vacuum is created, you can immediately fill it up with a new future.

You can treat your life up to this point as R&D for creating your bigger future.

The best way to free yourself up from something is to put a deadline on doing it.


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Episode Transcript:
Shannon Waller: Hi, Shannon Waller here and welcome to “Inside Strategic Coach” with Dan Sullivan.
Dan, just recently, this week that we’re recording, you have made a really big shift in terms of your coaching, your audience. In my mind, I’m calling it “Movin’ on up.” So I’d love to talk about that because you’ve moved from coaching 10x and Free Zone to just the Free Zone. And I’d love to know how you are thinking about that, because it’s not that you are so much reducing your schedule or anything like that, but you have a very important context and reason why you’re now only coaching Free Zone. I’d love to do a deep dive into this.
Dan Sullivan: Yeah, well, I think from Monday to Friday, a new coach took over the 10x group, an existing 10x group, a really advanced 10x group, on Monday. And I’m really appreciating what’s happened to my thinking from Monday to Friday.
So two years ago, in 2021, I could see things developing in front of me in terms of where the Free Zone clients were going. And I was looking at my schedule and my schedule was very full and it had gotten fuller during the pandemic, during the lockdown period and our move to Zoom. So I had added a lot of new coaching events, which were two-hour duration, and we added 24 new 10x two-hour, and we had already had that number for the Free Zone. And these are in-between little workshops, so someone comes for a workshop in one quarter and they come back from a full-day workshop, so I’m talking about full day workshops here, but we decided during COVID that we just had to increase the frequency and the contact with all of our clients. That was my clients, our team and other coaches increased the frequency, and it was a real gift of the lockdown period because it introduced us to a whole new way of creating value, reinforcing our relationship with our clients.