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Are Your Children Entrepreneurial?

Every entrepreneur experiences rewards as a result of the choices they’ve made for themselves, and it’s natural that every entrepreneurial parent wants their children to experience those same, positive rewards. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Shannon Waller talk about the best ways to engage with your children about entrepreneurism.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:

  • The reason entrepreneurs run into obstacles in their businesses.
  • How Strategic Coach® teaches you to take time away from work.
  • What Dan says is the biggest influence you can have on your children.
  • How working fewer days leads to having greater revenue.
  • Why there’s no longer a single approach to having a great future.

Show Notes:

You can tell your children that your entrepreneurial Freedom of Time is what allows you to have a lot of time for them.

Nothing tells someone they’re important more than the amount of time you give them.

Most entrepreneurs have no idea how to achieve Freedom of Time.

Part of having Freedom of Money means having enough money that you never have to talk about it.

You can explain both the benefits of going to college, and the benefits of going on a different path.

Starting in about 2009, most college degrees have no longer guaranteed you anything in the future.

Children today were born into an age where they have more freedom to create a business.

The more knowledge and skill that young people acquire in their childhood and adolescence, the better off they'll be when they get into their 20s and 30s.


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Episode Transcript:
Shannon Waller: Hi, Shannon Waller here, and welcome to Inside Strategic Coach with Dan Sullivan. Dan, you got a really fabulous compliment from one of our amazing clients, Steve Krein, who talked about how valuable being in Coach, in Strategic Coach Program has been as he’s raising his three daughters. As a parent, I find that I can guess what he means because I feel the same way. The fact that I know about Unique Ability, when raising my kids, has been such an incredible gift. If nothing else, and there’s a lot, if nothing else, I feel very appreciative of that. Because he said that the lessons in Coach were parlayed perfectly into parenthood, and it’s not just about business success. So, let’s dive into that because people think Strategic Coach is a program for entrepreneurs, for business owners, and people think, “Okay, I’m going to get my business life sorted.” But in fact, it goes far, far, far beyond that.
Dan Sullivan: Yeah, first of all, Coach is based on expanding four personal freedoms; Freedom of Time, so you can explain to your children that one of your skills you’ve really got to develop is how to use your time in a creative, productive, and profitable way. And you can give them examples from your own entrepreneurial history of how you’ve grown in your great use of time—including the fact that you have a lot of time for them, where most people who work for corporations or work in government don’t have time for their children. So, right off the bat, the biggest thing I notice is that, when entrepreneurs are running into obstacles in their business, it’s almost never for business reasons. It has to do with the fact that they’re not handling their personal life in a way that really tells the people in their personal life that they’re important.