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Are Your Qualities Bureaucratic Or Entrepreneurial?

All bureaucracies can be described as systems of control, while entrepreneurial companies can be described as networks of cooperation. Though neither is necessarily bad, there are great differences between people who should be working for bureaucracies and those who should be entrepreneurs. In this episode, Dan Sullivan lists and explains the differences, and more.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The best types of people to work for bureaucracies.
  • Why large amounts of work done for bureaucracies have the potential to be automated.
  • What it means when entrepreneurs switch from cooperation to control.
  • The reasons entrepreneurs want their companies to be networks of cooperation.
  • The mindset that prevents most entrepreneurs from growing.
  • Why entrepreneurs need to make sure their companies are always innovating.

Show Notes: 

  • Some input: In some bureaucracies, there’s a certain amount of input they want from people who are lower down in the management levels.
  • No changes: Some industries require systems that involve little or no changes in the formula for what they produce or provide.
  • Not rapid: For the most part, government doesn’t deal with rapid change or take advantage of new opportunities and situations.
  • Unique skills: Entrepreneurism always starts with a single individual with a unique skill.
  • No system of control: You wouldn’t want an entrepreneurial company to be a system of control because those aren’t good at responding to changes outside of themselves.
  • Control or cooperation: Somewhere along the line, everyone makes the choice whether they’re more into control or more into cooperation.
  • Control mindsets: Since the desire for control cuts off innovation, entrepreneurs with control mindsets aren’t open to new ideas.
  • Control keeps control: People who are passionate about control can only keep employees who are also passionate about control.
  • Two signals: Entrepreneurs are sending one of two signals to their team: I want more control, or I want more cooperation.