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Clever Tips For Business Growth Using ChatGPT

The potential of ChatGPT is becoming more and more apparent, so how can entrepreneurs take advantage of the technology? In this episode, business coach Dan Sullivan and team strategist Shannon Waller discuss how ChatGPT can best be used by entrepreneurs seeking business growth.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:

  • The only time Dan gets involved with using a new technology.
  • Why Dan always has another person between him and the technology.
  • How Dan plans to use ChatGPT through teamwork.
  • In what way the technology world currently resembles Las Vegas.
  • Why there will be a wider gap between people who are really good and people who are mediocre.
  • Why entrepreneurs will generally benefit from this, while bureaucrats will likely separate themselves from it.

Show Notes:

AI is only useful if it leads to more productive and profitable teamwork.

Teamwork is your number-one multiplier.

You can treat this new technology the same way you do a useful, talented human collaborator.

One definition of technology is automated teamwork.

Humans are terrible information processors because we change the message rather than passing it on verbatim.

ChatGPT is entirely dependent on an existing knowledge base.

ChatGPT’s knowledge base includes all of the biases that are already within society.

A lot of people are going to bet money on the possibilities of this new AI capability.

People who don’t want to think for a living are going to have their pay taken away from them.

There’s no sense yet how ChatGPT makes things more productive and profitable.


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Episode Transcript:
Shannon Waller: Hi, Shannon Waller here and welcome to Inside Strategic Coach with Dan Sullivan. Dan, we have been having a lot of conversations, particularly at the Free Zone Summit with regard to AI, Artificial Intelligence, and very specifically about ChatGPT. And what was really epic at the Free Zone Summit is how you put together a panel of five of our clients who are very knowledgeable in different aspects of AI. What I want to talk about today is how it relates to teamwork. One of the things I took away was being able to ask it really good questions, something else that you're superb at. So let's dive into this AI, ChatGPT, teamwork, and how you see things shifting as a result of this brand new exponential technology.
Dan Sullivan: My own take on it, and first of all, I have a rule regarding all new technology, and that goes back for my entire entrepreneurial career, is that I personally never get involved in the technology except where it's been made extraordinarily easy. So I have a rule that I always keep a smart, talented human being between myself and the technology, and they're kind of passionate about the technology. And that I just do teamwork with them and what they're mastering can be useful to what I'm already doing. So right off the bat, ChatGPT is not going to be something that I use directly. But I think more and more, I'm going to be surrounded by team members, that's Strategic Coach and experts from the outside, who I'll say, well, I want to be able to do this, and they'll create a new capability for me, which I won't do, but it's just that it expands.
It's like Zoom, I never got involved in Zoom or anything until all I had to do is click twice, three times, and I'm in the meeting. And I don't manage the meetings, I don't record the meetings, I don't edit the meetings or anything like that. I just have to log in. That's all I really have to do and just talk like I normally talk and when it's finished, I leave. And if there's work to be done afterwards, somebody does the work. So that's my basic approach. So in a certain sense, this is no different than my approach to any other new technology, whether it's personal computers or whether it's fax machines, or whether it's the internet or whether it's software programs or whether it's email. There's all this stuff.