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Creating Purpose For Others’ Capabilities

Most entrepreneurs start out doing everything themselves, but if they continue doing so, they’re operating inside of a trap they created. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Shannon Waller explain how and why entrepreneurs should go about finding the best person for each job, capitalizing on the strongest capabilities out there.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:

  • Why procrastination is a good thing.
  • The reason entrepreneurs get trapped doing everything themselves—and how to free yourself up.
  • What your team members actually need (and want) from you.
  • The secret to attracting, retaining, and motivating great talent.
  • How to communicate and sell your ideas effectively.

Show Notes:

Procrastination wisdom: Procrastination is just your inner wisdom telling you that you’re not the right person for the job.

The Specialist: You don’t have to be good at everything. Focus on your skills and let others do the same.

Galvanizing force: Most people can’t create a purpose for their own capabilities, but successful entrepreneurs can (and should) create purpose for others.

The house trap: Doing everything yourself works in the beginning of a new business, but eventually, it becomes a trap preventing you from achieving greater results, growth, and freedom.

Selling yourself first: To sell team members on your ideas (and get the most engagement), you have to sell yourself on them first.

Choose the outcome, not the process: Make the most of people’s unique skills and creativity by communicating the end result you’re looking for, not the process of getting there.


The GAP And The GAIN, by Dan Sullivan and Benjamin Hardy 

Who Not How, by Dan Sullivan and Benjamin Hardy

The Extraordinary Impact Filter "Ambition Series" ebook

The Impact Filter is also included in the Strategic Coach Starter Kit