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How Entrepreneurs Drive Themselves Crazy, And How They Can Stop

There might be a lot of reasons for an entrepreneur to freak out, but there’s one freakout that triggers all the others. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Shannon Waller discuss the dangers of having unrealistic deadlines.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:

  • How short deadlines lead to entrepreneurs developing all sorts of bad behavioral habits.
  • How entrepreneurs tend to think unrealistic deadlines are a point of honor.
  • Why giving yourself a short deadline results in a false sense of urgency.
  • How Dan got past setting unrealistic deadlines for himself.
  • How unrealistic deadlines can lead to not recognizing your success.

Show Notes:

Adding fear: Instead of just being excited about a new goal, entrepreneurs who give themselves short deadlines also experience fear.

No enjoyment: When working under unrealistic deadlines, a team can’t enjoy the activity or the teamwork they’re participating in.

Not the goal: Why entrepreneurs freak out has nothing to do with their having enormous, extraordinary goals.

While they brag: While entrepreneurs brag about how fast they got something done, getting it done drives both them and their teams crazy.

Master of time frames: Stop driving yourself crazy by becoming a master of time frames. It’s a life: Entrepreneurism is more than a way to make a living; it’s a life.


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Episode Transcript:
Shannon Waller: Hi, Shannon Waller here, and welcome to Inside Strategic Coach with Dan Sullivan. Dan, as usual, we were in a workshop together and you coined a term, which I found incredibly fun and entertaining and insightful when you were talking about an entrepreneurial freakout, which happens. So let's dive into that. Because you really addressed a key issue that people, you know how they kind of torture themselves and how they get into incredibly stressed states. So tell us about the entrepreneurial freakout.
Dan Sullivan: Well, I think there are a lot of freakouts. But I think there's one freakout that triggers all the other freakouts.  I just have a statement about that, that entrepreneurs do not drive themselves crazy because of their extraordinary goals. They drive themselves crazy because of their unrealistic deadlines. It's not about the size of the goal. It's about the shortness of the deadline. And why it happens is that entrepreneurs brag about this, of how fast they got something done, and it actually, while they're doing it, it drives them crazy. It drives their team crazy, it drives their family crazy.
And in the end, they get exhausted by it. They develop all sorts of bad behavioral habits. And they think it's a point of honor how unrealistic they are with their deadlines. And I've watched it. First of all, I have it. You know, I mean, I come by this naturally. The understanding that I have about this, I've freaked myself out many, many times. And I don't do it anymore. It has to do with adjusting time frames to becoming a master of time frames. So anyway, every time I talk about it, first of all, I say how many of you freak yourself out with your-- it's not the size of your goals. It's actually just how much time in your mind you immediately don't give yourself to actually achieve it.