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How To Avoid Copying Your Competitors

A focus of The Strategic Coach® Program over the past ten years has been a particular type of collaboration, one between entrepreneurs who share a common goal. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Shannon Waller explain how such collaborations immensely benefit everyone involved, not just the clients.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:

  • What it means to operate in the “Free Zone.”
  • Why these collaborations remain invisible to most people.
  • How you can increase your capability while avoiding taxation.
  • What prevents most entrepreneurs from engaging in Free Zone collaborations.
  • The only times Dan pays any attention to what other coaching companies are doing.
  • The reason Strategic Coach® has grown massively.

Show Notes:

The only time the government will take note of you is when there's a sale. Then the taxes instantly start flowing.

There are no future limitations to the appetite of a voracious government.

Most people think of their entrepreneurial business and life strictly as a zero-sum competition.

Instead of thinking about your competitors, think about what challenges and opportunities your clients have.

When you create a new capability through collaboration, it’s not detected by the government.

There are lending organizations around the world that will take your protected IP and the asset value of your protected IP and loan you up to half.

The growth of digital technology has radically changed what capabilities are now possible.


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Deep D.O.S. Innovation by Dan Sullivan

Zero to One by Peter Thiel and Blake Masters

Article: “How To Expand Your Team’s Unique Ability”

Episode Transcript:
Shannon Waller: Hi, Shannon Waller here and welcome to Inside Strategic Coach with Dan Sullivan. Dan, we've been talking a lot about intellectual property. We've been working with Keegan Caldwell. We had the chance to do our deep dive harvesting session. And one of the ideas that's really come out of it that you, I think, captured is that capability is tax-free. And I think any entrepreneur listening, their ears are going to perk up. So let's jump in and talk about it.
Dan Sullivan: Well, increasing capability is tax-free.
Shannon Waller: There you go.
Dan Sullivan: So one of the big pushes in Strategic Coach over the last 10 years, more and more so.
Shannon Waller: Dan, can you say that again? One of the- again, it was cutting out. One of the opportunities in Strategic Coach.