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How To Make Sure You’re Here For The Long-Term

Entrepreneurs want to be around for the long haul, but stress and challenges can sometimes mean an earlier end to a career. In this episode, Dan Sullivan shares what he does to keep himself strong at the age of 77, and how he’s planning to be effective for many years to come.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:

  • Why it’s important to do difficult physical things.
  • How to maintain your physical fitness as you age.
  • Why you should get really good at creating good habits.
  • Two things you can do right now to prepare for major fitness breakthroughs.
  • Why you should treat fitness as the means to an end, not the end in itself.

Show Notes:

Stop deciding, start doing: Habits are the key to consistency, and consistency is the key to progress. Create a routine and stick to it.

Commit to a long-term goal: When creating a plan, choose the specific activities and behaviors that will support the future you want.

Two things now: Improving your cardiovascular and muscular strength will prepare you for just about anything.

Means to an end: Physical fitness doesn’t have to be the goal; it’s the thing that will support your goals, your creativity, and your productivity.

No excuses: The problem isn’t how much time you have; it’s what you’re prioritizing. Always make time for the things that matter.