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How To Teach Your Kids To Be “Smart, Not Spoiled”

How do you teach your kids to be smart about money and ensure they’re not spoiled? This is a question many successful entrepreneurs have faced, including financial expert Chad Willardson, who decided to write a book on the subject. In this episode, Chad explains to Dan Sullivan how parents can ensure their kids are financially literate and have good “money values.”

Smart, Not Spoiled: The 7 Money Skills Kids Must Master Before Leaving the Nest

Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:

What inspired Chad to write the book.

How Chad and his wife provide opportunities for their children to be entrepreneurial.

The kinds of experiences kids can have when they’re not in the educational system.

What holds some parents back from taking their kids out of the educational system.

Show Notes:

Opportunity to evaluate: The lockdown provided parents an opportunity to evaluate who’s teaching their children, what they’re being taught, and if that’s what the parents want.

Own values: We’ve reached a shift where parents, especially entrepreneurial parents, are in a position to create freedom for their family to operate according to their own values.

Graduate without: People graduate high school without having been educated about investment, taxes, or budgeting.

Hasn’t changed much: The systems-based curriculum of the educational system hasn’t changed or evolved much.

Speeding up opportunities: Technology, collaboration, and the free sourcing of information are speeding up opportunities.


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