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Maintaining Simplicity In Complex Situations

Due to the acceleration of new technology in all areas of human activity, life has become complex. But there are ways you can maintain simplicity in how you operate without missing out on anything that new technology can provide you. In this episode, Dan and Shannon explain how, with examples.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:

  • Why things are always simple right before complexity kicks in.
  • Why new technology from big corporations doesn’t always benefit you.
  • How to access a way of thinking about increasing technology that never gets complicated.

Show Notes:

Ignorant of impact: The people who design new technology are often very ignorant of the impact the technology will have on the lives and thinking of the technology’s users.

Qualitative, not quantitative: It’s possible to experience all kinds of qualitative changes without experiencing any quantitative changes at all.

Once you adjust: Once you adjust to a technology, it’s no longer complex or confusing, but simple and easy.

Source of simplicity: People who can maintain simplicity are a source of simplicity in every business and industry in the world.

Greatest human advantage: The greatest human advantage in the world is the capability to keep things simple and clear regardless of how complicated things get for others.