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The Solution To Insecurity

Even entrepreneurs with enormous capabilities experience feelings of insecurity, and it’s important to understand why you feel insecure in order to avoid the situations that cause it. In this episode, Dan Sullivan explains what leads to insecurity and how it can be avoided.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:

  • The signs that you’re feeling insecure in a situation.
  • Why self-comparison is always faulty.
  • How our treatment as children influences our sense of identity.

Show Notes:

Self-comparison: All unhappiness comes from comparing yourself to others.

Only eyewitness: There’s only one eyewitness to all you’ve experienced, and that’s you.

Internal measurement: Happiness can only come from an internal measurement of where you are against where you started.

Increasingly insecure: To the degree that you don't feel confident about making internal progress and growing internal capability, you’re made increasingly insecure by progress and achievement made by others.

Trial and error: Testing your capability in outside circumstances is always trial and error.

No proof: Self-esteem is a story that you tell yourself internally without any external proof that any of it is true.

Direct relationship: You feel secure when there's a direct relationship between who you are and external results, and you're getting better at producing those results.

Confident about others: The most successful people are those who are so sure of themselves that they can be very confident about other people.

Attract others: Insecure people tend to attract a lot of other insecure people.