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Why Courage Keeps You Young

A general narrative is that people need to be courageous when they’re relatively young because they won’t be able to take risks when they’re older. But this narrative doesn’t apply to entrepreneurs. In this episode, Dan Sullivan explains the role of courage in an entrepreneur’s life and how he’s become more courageous and ambitious now, at the age of 78, than he was 30 years ago.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this episode:

  • Why all entrepreneurs have to go through periods of courage.
  • How courage leads to increased capability and confidence.
  • The false ways courage is often viewed.
  • The dangers of avoiding risky situations.

Show Notes:

Risk or danger: When people think of courage, they tend to think of someone performing an activity that has risk, or danger, to it.

A capability: Courage is a capability that is learned young and then continually deepened and expanded as you get older.

Don’t have to: Entrepreneurs don’t have to follow narratives, life cycles, or paths that other people do.

Courageous to believe: It’s courageous to believe that other people will take advantage of an opportunity in a positive way.

What will stop you: If you think you’ve reached a point where you no longer have to be courageous, that’s part of what will stop you.

Lacking capability: You need courage when you’re lacking capability and are scared to move forward.



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