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How Strategic Coach Works For Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur means having the freedom to create a life you enjoy living, but that freedom is often the first thing lost when it comes to meeting your bottom line and growing your business. Strategic Coach can help you learn to focus on what matters most and simplify your everyday so that your time, money, relationships, and greater purpose come into balance once again. 

We provide a regular yearly workshop schedule that gives you time away to focus on your business without all the distractions of everyday life, and the accountability to ensure that you take this important time to determine your bigger future goals and how to achieve them. No matter what state you come to us in, you’ll leave refreshed and energized, with a new perspective and fresh course of action to move you forward.

Strategic Coach Preview Package & Starter Kit

The Strategic Coach Program is designed to make your possibilities a reality. If you’re a growth-focused entrepreneur dedicated to your future success, find out if we’re a good fit for you by downloading our Strategic Coach Preview Package & Starter Kit.

You’re going to love discovering—finally!—a learning environment created for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. 

Whether you choose our in-person or virtual workshop offering, the core of your experience is the same, but how you connect is modified for each option. Choose the program type that works best for you.


  • Employing the same rigorous quality standards expected from our in-person offering, we hold our virtual sessions six times per year for four hours per session. In these workshops, you’ll get the opportunity to think about your thinking, connect with your peers, and plan for the future you’ve always dreamed of, all while still having time left over to get on with the business of your day. 
  • And it’s those increased opportunities to connect that really define the virtual program. Every session facilitates both small-group breakout sessions and full-group conversations (with no more than 40 people) so you can enjoy a mix of intimate sharing and lively discussion.


  • Approximately every 90 days, or once per quarter, you’ll meet for your workshop day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with breaks every hour.  
  • You’ll have a mix of group coaching, smaller breakout sessions with your peers, and individual time to think, plan, and create.
  • We also provide a fully catered breakfast and lunch with plenty of options, as well as snacks throughout the day.

Dan Sullivan, the co-founder of Strategic Coach and creator of The Strategic Coach® Program, has been working with entrepreneurs to help them achieve success through the ups and downs of the market for over 40 years. 

With the world’s best and demanding focus group—thousands of growth-oriented business owners, professionals in private practice, and high-commission salespeople—Dan has been able to innovate a program that covers virtually every entrepreneurial scenario and addresses the unique issues entrepreneurs face. 

Our Strategic Coach Road Map For Entrepreneurs sheds more light on our three-stage Program Progression, what to expect, and how each stage helps make results a reality in your business—without having to sacrifice your personal life, time, or freedom.

Each one of our coaches is also a current Strategic Coach client with years of experience using our processes, tools, and concepts to create exceptional results in their own business and life. These remarkable entrepreneurs are hand-picked by us for their natural coaching ability and are coached further by Dan Sullivan and our team to provide a consistent first-class experience using their own wealth of knowledge and distinct talents. 

 View Our Coach Bios

One of the things our clients love about coming to their workshops is the chance to connect with a group of other successful, growth-minded entrepreneurs. They walk the same path as you do and can understand what you’re going through and the challenges you face. 

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely. In your workshops, you share ideas and insights, celebrate successes, and have the accountability and support you might not have now. The Coach environment and the common language that develops among participants encourage great relationships and meaningful conversations. Enjoy it for the day, or build friendships for life.

Participants in the Program say it’s the best investment they’ve ever made in their business and in themselves. Who better to hear the bottom-line ROI from than the five entrepreneurs you’ll meet in this video, who made the decision to commit their time, money, and an open mind to doing things differently?

These entrepreneurs offer their articulate and highly candid personal thoughts on their investment in Strategic Coach and the ROI they’ve experienced from being in the Program—and why the dollar/time commitment now looks like no commitment at all.

Two of the top questions busy entrepreneurs have for our current Strategic Coach Program participants are:

  1. Has your business revenue increased because of what you’ve learned and implemented from the Program?
  2. Bottom line it for me: Why should I join this coaching program?

 Find out what our entrepreneurs have to say.

A Clearer Path To Business Growth Is One Strategy Call Away

If you’re a successful entrepreneur with an established business and are looking for more growth and freedom with less complexity and uncertainty—no matter the industry, market, or economy—our complimentary strategy call was designed just for you.

Don’t miss your opportunity to find out if Strategic Coach is right for you and have a breakthrough conversation about the future you visualize for yourself and your business!