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Strategic Coach Starter Kit

Take The Next Step In Your Entrepreneurial Career With The Strategic Coach Starter Kit

This starter kit contains a comprehensive collection of resources that will tell you all about The Strategic Coach® Program and how it can change your life in exciting new ways.


Signature Program Brochure

Why Strategic Coach®? We believe that entrepreneurs are the single most powerful and creative force at work around the world. And it’s our mission to support their growth so they can continue to make the world a better place in a very practical way for the greatest number of people.

 Find out why we do what we do.



Strategic Coach Road Map For EntrepreneursHow The Program Works: We’ve taken all of our experience in working with successful, motivated, and ambitious entrepreneurs and created a blueprint for them to progress through The Strategic Coach® Program and create their own plan and path to exponential growth.

Strategic Coach Road Map For Entrepreneurs Find out how Strategic Coach can work for you.



What You Get BrochureWhat You Get When You Register: Our workshops are designed to step up progress and accelerate results in both your business and personal life. Whether you attend online or in person, you’ll get the same access to our proven strategies, proprietary tools, global community, entrepreneurial experts, and all the resources you need to support your growth.

 Find out exactly what’s included in our workshop experience.



Entrepreneurial Success Strategies Beginning The Thinking Process: As an entrepreneur, you have a desire to create the best possible business and life you can, and we’ve created the concepts and thinking tools to help you clarify your goals and the practical strategies to make them a reality. Get started now with Dan Sullivan’s #1 thinking tool, The Impact Filter, and our Success Strategies guide.

 Find out how you can start taking action.

 Download The Impact Filter Tool.


Taking The Next Step: The Program is about you: your future, your goals, and your growth. In order to create a path and plan to get you there, the first step is getting clear about where you are now, determining what’s standing in your way, and assessing your current strengths and opportunities. We have entrepreneurial coaching experts standing by to provide you with a free strategy session to help you get started.

 Find out what’s possible for your future.


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