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Building Your Audience, with Mike Koenigs

Building Your Audience

A lot has changed in broadcasting. It’s not as hard, risky, or expensive as it used to be. There’s no barrier for anyone to go online and start—which can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Dan Sullivan, Gord Vickman, and special guest Mike Koenigs share proven strategies to build an audience that will stick around.

Looking for shortcuts: It’s desirable to be trained and taught by people who have been through what you have or worse because you’re looking for shortcuts.

Facilitated by technology: The activity of selling has to be facilitated by technological solutions, especially as they get more powerful.

Moving target: Using technology to promote, market, and create buying behaviors is always a moving target.

Delicate balance: Taking on whatever the cutting edge is without alienating the masses is a delicate balance.

Biggest challenge: The biggest challenge anyone has now is that everyone is online, and it costs nothing to broadcast.

Different rules: The rules that work for scarce mediums don’t work for abundant mediums.

Personality matters: Audience-building might have as much to do with your personality as it does with the work you’re putting in.

Magical way: Some people just know how to manifest and manage energy in a magical way.

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