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ChatGPT For AI-mazing Business Growth (See What We Did There?)

ChatGPT is on everyone’s lips and on everyone’s screens, but as an entrepreneur, you might be asking how it can help with your business growth. Dan Sullivan and Gord Vickman share how to tell if the current crop of AI tools is useful for your business or just the latest futuristic distraction.

In This Episode:

  • ChatGPT is the next level of written communication that started with the teletype.
  • AI has not yet reached the level of being able to tell a good story.
  • Great teamwork is completing any project through greater productivity and achieving greater profitability.
  • If you’re wondering how an AI tool can be useful to your business, first ask how it can help make your team more productive, and second, ask how it can help increase profits.
  • How to decide how or if you should use ChatGPT or other content-generating AIs:

1. Pick an upcoming project that will be more profitable than any current project, either for the company or clients.

2. Review the current process to produce that profitability.

3. Ask: “How can we improve productivity in this process?”

4. Ask: “What is the communication we would need to support that productivity?”

5. Ask: “Can that communication be more easily generated by an AI than by you?”

  • Garbage in, garbage out: AI results are only as good as the instructions.
  • Dan points out that ChatGPT’s response is strictly positive because the company OpenAI is most profitable when we see its benefits and consume its service.
  • Gord and Dan wonder what exactly we’re being sold. Is this just a toy to generate meaningless social media content or a tool that can allow anyone to be a creator of useful material?
  • No matter what new technology comes up, Dan’s approach is always to keep a very smart human between him and that technology.
  • AI might generate the first 80% of the content, but a very smart human can take it to the next 80%.




Ray Kurzweil

Mike Koenigs

Hamish MacDonald

Episode Transcript:
Gord Vickman: Welcome to this episode of Podcast Payoffs. My name's Gord Vickman here as always with my podcast partner, Dan Sullivan. Dan, welcome to the show.
Dan Sullivan: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much.
Gord Vickman: Dan, we're post holidays here, Christmas or whatever you are celebrating. Hope you had a great one. And here we are into January. The belle of the ball was, and is, continues to be ChatGPT. Now you have a podcast with our friend, and one of your collaborators, Mr. Mike Koenigs, and you've recorded some episodes before Christmas in which you integrated ChatGPT right into the podcast itself, almost as if a third co-host existed. Because here on Podcast Payoffs, we discuss the collaboration and the links between teamwork and technology. So I figured this, being quite possibly the most powerful tool that will assist teamwork by integrating technology is upon us right now. So I thought what better way to introduce the show than to have ChatGPT itself explained to you, our listener, and those interested what it is.
So I said, explain yourself, Mr. GPT, or Mrs, depending on how you envision this. ChatGPT is “a powerful language model developed by open AI that generates human-like text. In this episode of Podcast Payoffs, we'll be discussing some of the exciting possibilities and potential uses for ChatGPT to level up your teamwork. Join Dan and Gord as they dive into the world of ChatGPT and learn more about this exciting technology.”
How do you feel about that copy written by the AI? That was not me.

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