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Collaboration Ground Rules

What qualities should you look for in a guest or cohost for your podcast? In this episode, Gord and Dan explore what makes any kind of collaboration great—which is much more than just sticking capabilities together—using examples from the world's most successful podcasts and Dan's own experience from his own shows.

In This Episode:

  • Podcasting is not monologuing. That’s boring.
  • How the rules of improv apply to podcasting
  • How Dan turned getting drafted for the Vietnam War into a good experience
  • Reality TV as training for the presidency
  • Working with partners means being constantly surprised—and that's a good thing!
  • Sharing a "hero target" is the key to a successful collaboration
  • How to use the classic three morning radio show "characters" on your podcast
  • Dan's personal "hero target"
  • These are still early days for podcasting


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Collaboration Ground Rules

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