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Don’t Steal My Sunshine

Who isn’t in the room matters as much as who is, because people can be remarkably open when they know they’re with others who are at the same level. In this episode, Dan Sullivan and Gord Vickman explore the idea of how to determine your best audience — and what freedoms and rewards open up when you find that focus.

Know your filter criteria. The smaller the niche, the bigger the market.

Management is for things that move slowly. Bureaucracies love solution like lockdowns that let them catch up.

How to wreck a radio station. Playing it safe is not how to stay at the top.

The difference between style and fashion. (You want to find your style.)

The freedom of cash confidence. Or, how to say no to jets and dinners.

In This Episode

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The story of Diogenes and Alexander

“How I Went from No Cashflow to Cash Confidence”

Free ebook: Total Cash Confidence