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From Intimidation to Innovation

In this episode, Gord Vickman and Dan Sullivan explain how entrepreneurs who don't think of themselves as technically minded can still use the latest tools to their advantage. You’ll learn simple, actionable steps for breaking through the mental barriers that can make technology seem intimidating at first, so that you can make it another part of your overall teamwork strategy.

In This Episode:

  • How can entrepreneurs who don’t consider themselves to be technically minded embrace new technologies?
  • Dan’s new quarterly book, Thinking About Your Thinking, is based on a mental skill he developed at age six and formed the basis for all his subsequent success.
  • Most people think about things, people, and thoughts, but there’s another level of thinking available that opens up new and better possibilities.
  • Why Dan’s never felt lonely or weird—even when he was doing completely different things to the people around him.
  • Instead of learning about every new development himself, Dan simply surrounds himself with others who are fascinated by technology, tells them what he’s looking for, and rewards them for discovering useful new shortcuts and capabilities.
  • Gord and Dan discuss the Kolbe profile, which helps you learn how to work in your best abilities—or team up with others whose skills complement yours.
  • The Kolbe profile made Dan happy because it highlighted the areas where he has no staying power or motivation, which showed him where he needed teamwork.
  • Kolbe also helps explain the widely different ways in which people will approach learning a new tool.
  • “Technology is teamwork that has been made automatic.” - Dan
  • The starting point is an awareness of individual uniqueness, then combining that with other people’s uniqueness.
  • “I always keep a smart human between me and technology.” - Dan
  • “I would not spend any time learning how to use any technology. But I’m very, very fast to understand the importance of the technology.” - Dan


Thinking About Your Thinking by Dan Sullivan

The Kolbe Profile

Episode Transcript:
Gord Vickman: Welcome to this episode of “Podcast Payoffs”. My name’s Gord Vickman. Here as always with Dan Sullivan. Dan, always a pleasure.
Dan Sullivan: My pleasure.
Gord Vickman: Dan, I titled this next episode, which funnels nicely from the last one we did—if you haven’t heard the previous episode, it was all about ChatGPT, and we didn’t rehash what you can already find out with a simple GPT query of your own or even a Google search. We focused more on the human element and how ChatGPT can be used to help, or perhaps hinder, teamwork and entrepreneurism and all those wonderful subjects. So that would be a good one to start with if you haven’t heard that one yet, and then you can check back on this one.
Because one of the subjects that we touched on last time, Dan, was there is a certain element of people that may be intimidated, who consider themselves not very technical. So we thought it would be wise, or maybe even fun, to consider some of the ways that people who do not consider themselves technical— entrepreneurs, because that’s what we focus on, on this podcast—how they can embrace new technology. Or, in your technique, Dan, hire someone who can. So if you stick with us on this episode, we’re going to give you some simple, actionable ways to break the mental barriers that convince you that you’ll never understand technology and maybe you’re too afraid to try. That was written by me, that was not written by the ChatGPT. That was all human, all Vickman, that came right at you.