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Human Horsepower

Dan Sullivan and Gord Vickman discuss the importance of partnership between AI and humans—finding a balance between technology and the human touch. Dan also shares his insights about where ideas come from and the differences between creativity, wisdom, and intelligence.

In This Episode:

  • Dan and Gord talk about the importance of AI-human partnership, addressing concerns of AI replacing human creativity.
  • Where does Dan get his ideas? Through conversations with ambitious people and those who faced setbacks, as well as by thinking about his thinking.
  • Intelligence manifests in Unique Ability®, like Larry Bird's situational quickness and unpredictability in basketball.
  • Human creativity links unrelated concepts, while AI focuses on patterns and predictability.
  • What’s the difference between data, information, knowledge, and wisdom?
  • Journalism's decline linked to AI's inability to replicate the classic journalist’s three Ws: waiting, wondering, and wandering.
  • News reporter Barbara Frum interviewing the Shah of Iran's consort, tapping into the listeners’ reactions in a way that AI never could.
  • Dan sees AI as just another tool, not a replacement for human thinking, and emphasizes maintaining agency and partnership with technology.


 Larry Bird

Barbara Frum, from the CBC archives

Howard Getson – CEO, Capitalogix

The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

The Strategic Podcast Network

Episode Transcript:
Gord Vickman: Welcome to the next episode of podcast playoffs. We are so glad you’re with us. My name is Gord Vickman, here, as always, with my podcast partner, Dan Sullivan. Are you feeling technological or are we feeling human? We’ve cheekily titled this one human horsepower. We’re not rolling over for the robot, and that’s what we’re going to be discussing.
Dan Sullivan: I’m a focused human with an interest in technology.
Gord Vickman: If you stick with us today, you’re going to hear some insights and tips from Dan Sullivan about partnering with AI.
We’ve covered a lot of AI recently, because it’s on everyone’s lips and on everyone’s screens. But the partnership between AI Technologies and new SaaS offerings and whatnot still need that human touch. So here’s how you can finesse that into your own working life and your personal life. And that’s what you’re going to get from today’s episode of Podcast Payoffs. We cover the intersection of technology and teamwork, and we’re so glad you’re with us.
Dan, let’s start off with a big, juicy question. There’s been a lot of talk lately—both my sisters are teachers, they’re tearing their hair out because people are doing everything with ChatGPT now. They’re deferring everything to ChatGPT. Essays are being written, papers are being written, tests are being done, homework, and they are nervous. They’re trying to figure out ways that they can get kids to, you know, use their own brains and initiate that own creativity.