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Meet Me In The Middle: Navigating AI And What It Means To Make Things

Gord Vickman and Dan Sullivan dive into the concept of "Geometry For Staying Cool & Calm" and its relevance in the emerging age of AI. Drawing on a recent MIT Sloan study on the impact of AI in the workplace, they explore how anyone can thrive when they focus on constantly creating new things.

In This Episode:

  • Dan and Gord share the concept of "Geometry For Staying Cool & Calm" as a mindset for living in the digital network economy.
  • An MIT Sloan research paper showed that AI can significantly boost productivity for less experienced workers.
  • Academic credentials are being left behind in a networked world where people only care if you create value for them.
  • The current educational system is stuck in an industrial economy that makes little sense to continue following. 
  •  Podcasting invites everyone to have their voices heard without needing permission.
  • Dan makes an important distinction between efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Productivity in the future won’t be contingent on tenure but rather on one’s ability to leverage AI and embrace the habit of always creating new things.


MIT article: “Workers with less experience gain the most from generative AI”

“Geometry” For Staying Cool & Calm by Dan Sullivan

The Strategic Podcast Network

Episode Transcript:
Gord Vickman: Welcome to the next episode of “Podcast Payoffs.” Gord Vickman here with Dan Sullivan, as always.
Dan, welcome to the show.
Dan Sullivan: Thank you very much, Gord.
Gord Vickman: We’re creeping up now to 50 episodes of Podcast Payoffs. I think we started this show to get to know each other, and here we are creeping up on 50 episodes now and it never really runs out. We could probably do-
Dan Sullivan: How have we done?
Gord Vickman: Very well.
Dan Sullivan: Yeah, yeah.
Gord Vickman: Pretty well, I think.
So Dan, Geometry for Staying Cool and Calm is the newest quarterly book. If you’d like your copy of the ebook or the soft cover. It’s gorgeous. Hamish MacDonald is our cartoonist here, and he knocked it out of the park once again. You can get your copy at, click “Store”, and it’s right there in front of your face. Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy.
Dan, I’m going to link this together, and this is one of these podcasts, when I was structuring it on a Fast Filter as I do every time when we get together to chat on “Podcast Payoffs”, I wasn’t even sure how I was going to link it together, but I know that when you and I get together, we always find a way to bring it together and we wrap it up with a nice little bow at the end. So this is a thinking process for me, and I think I’m going to be surprised as well.