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On A Mission From The Kitchen

Podcasting has grown and expanded, and you might not be aware of all the ways you can use yours to your advantage. Dan Sullivan and Gord Vickman reminisce about the last two years of home recording and discuss the latest headlines from the podcast industry. Have a listen and learn the secrets to creating profits and engagement, even if you don’t yet have the audience that big brands are looking for.

No bandwidth: The podcast medium is unlimited because there’s no bandwidth.

Find out what: If you pay attention to your audience, you find out what they’re interested in.

Can be distracting: Adding cash flow from somewhere other than your main source can be distracting.

Valuable free content: If the free content you provide through your podcast is valuable, people will assume the product or service you actually charge for must be amazing.

No need to: If you’re doing an activity you love doing, it doesn’t have to be justified by charging for it.

In This Episode:

Extraordinary Impact Filter by Dan Sullivan


Zooming Ahead by Dan Sullivan


Free cash for indie podcasters: