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Rewind: That Fruit Is Poison

Let’s revisit one of our most popular episodes to explain why plenty of shows have good content but fail to gain traction and intrigue. The reason is that content isn’t enough—you need to wrap it in a great story so it really sinks in. Dan Sullivan and Gord Vickman discuss why the best shows include the best stories.

In This Episode:

Your own point: Even if the storyteller didn’t intend it, you can decide how to interpret what you heard.

Need the “why”: Having content is the “what,” but for people to learn lessons, you also need the “why.”

Survival skills: Humans sharing wisdom with one another is something that animals were doing first.

It’s genetic: Storytelling to help us move forward is genetic, something buried deep in our brains.

Easier to tell: It’s easier to tell reactive hero stories than it is to actually tell creative hero stories.

Not about you: Whenever you do a show, it’s all about the listener and the benefit to them.


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