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Trying To Trap The “X Factor” with Mike Koenigs

Everybody has met someone who people are drawn to for reasons they can’t explain, and being one of those people comes with serious challenges. Dan Sullivan, Gord Vickman, and special guest Mike Koenigs discuss the “X factor,” how celebrities view themselves, and different ways of being who your audience wants to see.

Certain level: There’s a certain level of stardom where the celebrity can separate themselves from the business and know where they are.

Complete separation: A key for some performers is to maintain a complete separation between who they really are and who they are onstage.

Who they perceive: People fall in love with who they interpret you to be, not necessarily who you are.

Simple principles: Enormous complexity in the world means that people like having someone who has simple, basic principles that work forever.

Who they are: Some young people want to be filmed and admired, not necessarily for what they’ve done, but just for who they are.

No trust: Gen Z wants to hear from Gen Z because they don’t trust anyone else, and outsiders don’t understand their value system.

Want to differentiate: Every generation wants to differentiate themselves from generations that came before them.

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