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What Really Bothers You (And Why It Shouldn’t)

When you feel bothered by something, it can be hard to figure out why, and this feeling always gets in the way of your productivity. Join Dan Sullivan and Gord Vickman to learn the best things to do when you’re bothered so you can move on with your life and continue creating great things.

In This Episode:

Recognize it: It’s important to recognize that you’re bothered whenever it happens.

Can’t ignore it: When you ask yourself a question, your brain is unable to ignore it.

The question: If you ask yourself, “If I weren’t bothered, what would I be doing?” your brain will come up with a useful activity.

After action: After you’ve taken action in a useful activity, you’ll find that what was bothering you before is no longer bothering you.

Key to success: The key to success isn’t being interesting, it’s being interested.

Not designed for: A lot of podcasters who are bothered are trying to use podcasting for something that podcasting wasn’t designed to do.

Clear idea: All podcasters should be completely clear on why they’re podcasting.

Bring people in: If you’re running out of interesting things to talk about, find and bring in interesting people.

Don’t have to: Just because you can do something with a new technology doesn’t mean you have to do it.

Are you worth it: If people don’t listen to your podcast, you should ask yourself if you’re someone who’s worth listening to in any setting.


Few ancient works have been as influential as Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, philosopher and emperor of Rome (A.D. 161–180)

Dan’s latest quarterly book is: Not Being Bothered

Dan’s first podcast was 10X Talk with his friend and longtime collaborator Joe Polish

Gord’s lifelong friend has the most positive mindset he’s ever seen. He also has a YouTube channel that’s blowing up at: The Bunn