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Your First Show Is Your Worst Show

Every new thing you learn to do is scary at first. That includes starting a podcast, filming a video, writing a blog, or performing for a crowd. Dan Sullivan and Gord Vickman discuss The 4 C’s Formula® and how it captures every performer’s experience in starting a podcast and growing it.

In This Episode:

  • First-time performers tend to focus on their fears, but the audience never even notices.
  •  It’s hard to sound natural and have fun when you’re too focused on yourself.
  • Wrap your message in a narrative or story for better engagement.
  • The best entrepreneurial companies effectively combine Simplifier and Multiplier teamwork.
  •   The 4 C’s Formula involves:
  • First, commitment to a new effort.
  • Then, courage to follow through despite the fear.
  • Gradually, you develop new capabilities as you learn and grow from the experience.
  • Eventually, you feel confidence in those capabilities.
  • “The difference between courage and confidence is that confidence feels good.” —Dan
  • Early in his radio career, Gord said a four-letter word live on air, and it changed everything.
  • Dan believes consistency of delivery and of message are two things that hold your audience.
  • You’re not competing with other similar podcasts; you’re competing with all the other things your audience could be doing with that time.
  • “Hang out with people who love the thing that you’re doing.” —Dan
  • “If you want one guarantee that your event’s going to be enjoyable for all the guests, the first thing you have to do is guarantee that the host has a good time.” —Dan, learned from Emily Post
  • Be proud of the first podcast you made because you did it solely on commitment and courage, without yet having the capability and confidence.


The 4 C’s Formula by Dan Sullivan

Simplifier-Multiplier Collaboration by Dan Sullivan

The Strategic Podcast Network

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Episode Transcript:
Gord Vickman: Welcome to Podcast Payoffs. Thank you so much for joining us. My name's Gord Vickman here, as always with Dan Sullivan.
Dan Sullivan: How are you, Gord? Are you feeling chilled today?
Gord Vickman: I'm feeling great. I had a chat with a Coach client this week and we were talking about podcast performance. He was just talking about performance. He's getting a podcast off the ground himself. And he was saying, “One of the things that I'm really struggling with when I listen back to it is just,” he said, “it's cringy to me because I don't feel like I sound natural. It doesn't feel like the show is fun.” So he said, "How do you inject fun and excitement and a natural sounding flow to it?" And there's two things that are interesting about that.
Number one, you're trying to have a natural sounding conversation in a very unnatural circumstance. It's not normal to have a giant mic in front of your face. It's not normal to have the self-awareness that you're being recorded. A lot of people, it freaks them out a little bit and they feel like they have to perform or they have to change their voice or they have to do something different other than just having a conversation.