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Your Message In A Bottle

There's a misconception that podcasting is a quick way to make money. But if you're only in it for the cash, you'll likely be disappointed. Start a podcast for the right reasons: to create value for your audience. When you focus on creating great content for your listeners, the money may show up in other ways. Dan Sullivan and Gord Vickman explain how Strategic Coach has seen consistent growth for decades by doing just that.

In This Episode:

  • Most entrepreneurs develop the courage to become entrepreneurs because they’re good salespeople.
  • Marketing is what allows you to even have the opportunity to be in front of someone.
  • If you see a problem, set out to solve it whether you get paid for it or not.
  • You should do it because it’s valuable, regardless of the money you make.
  • Don’t listen to the people who are trying to throw you into The Gap by saying, “Oh, you must do this. Because everyone else is doing it!”
  • Don’t force people to learn something new in order to get value from you.
  • A podcast is like a message in a bottle. Most will sink, but others wash up on a beach where somebody will read it and say, “I’ve been looking for that!”
  • Existing clients listen to our podcasts faithfully. They come to the workshops and talk about the subjects that the podcasts cover.
  • The goal of the Strategic Podcast Network is to attract people and marinate them in the content in hopes that they become successful, talented, ambitious entrepreneurs.
  • It’s not tough to make money if your focus is on making other people successful.


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Episode Transcript:
Gord Vickman: Welcome to Podcast Payoffs. My name’s Gord Vickman, here with my pod partner, Strategic Coach co-founder, Dan Sullivan.
Dan, I’m going to throw something at you here. I know you can handle this. And you can interpret this question however you’d like, but you’ll see how if you stick with us for this episode, we’re going to bring it all home and it will answer a question that has to do with money.
Dan, very simply, is it tough to make a buck?
Dan Sullivan: Well, certainly it is for a lot of people and people I know, people I grew up with. And I’ve never had a particular problem with it. My biggest problem was keeping the bucks that I made. So I needed superior skill in my life to actually say, “Dan, give me the money and I’ll make sure that it does good for you.”
And I think the reason is that I’ve had a nose for opportunity that started very, very early.