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You're The Captain Of Your Own Pirate Ship

Dan and Gord talk broadcasting, podcasting, and publishing, and why it's so crucial to be clear on what your core money-making business is. (Hint: It's probably not podcasting.) Also, who are the "Whos" to do the "Hows" that will create your bigger future?

In This Episode:

Podcasts have exploded in the last five or six years, and the COVID lockdown expanded their audience even further.

On social media, it's attack, attack, attack. But on a podcast, you can't do that to a guest.

Joe Rogan has a licensing agreement with Spotify. He's not their employee.

Podcaster Adam Carolla says, "I have a pirate ship. You can't stop me." Instead of developing shows from scratch, large media companies are buying up pre-existing talent.

Dan and Babs have always been clear with their team that Strategic Coach is and will be their only money-making business. "We don't go for side activities to pick up loose change."

Dan: "I've just got one master — the Program — and it really simplifies things." A podcast is a lot of work and requires a lot of gear, so it's natural to think about monetization.

If you've got your cash flow handled, forget about immediate payoffs and go for capability. Play the long game!

COVID forced Strategic Coach to make five years of video conferencing progress in two months.

No Roman emperor with their thousands of servants had the lifestyle and capabilities that any ordinary modern individual enjoys today.

When Dan partnered with Ben and the publisher, he left all the money on their side of the table.


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