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Are You Giving Your Team Permission?

As an entrepreneur, are you tired of micromanaging and wish your team could read your mind to make the decisions you’d make? In this episode, Shannon Waller talks through giving permission to your team, a key step toward having a Self-Managing Company®. Learn how to reduce the risks—for yourself and for them—so your team can take the lead without continually asking for permission. Shannon walks you through the tool that will help everyone get on board and come away empowered to take action.

Show Notes:

  • Having a Self-Managing Company means your team must step up and make decisions, both big and small, without your constant input.
  • The difference between how entrepreneurs and leaders approach risks and how most team members do.
  • Entrepreneurs and leaders are used to asking for forgiveness instead of permission; most team members aren’t.
  • Nobody’s in charge, but the rules are the rules.
  • Core values are critical because they tell people what to do and how to behave when you’re not there.
  • How to use The Impact Filter to set down your guidelines for making decisions and taking action on any project.
  • Who’s involved in determining the guidelines so you have alignment.

Resources: 

The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right by Atul Gawande 

The Impact Filter tool 

The Self-Managing Company by Dan Sullivan

Episode Transcript:
Shannon Waller: Would you like your team to take more initiative and to be more self-managing? But, are they a little nervous on how to do that because they don't want to make mistakes? Stay tuned for our conversation about giving your team permission and how to set up some really great ground rules so that both you and they are really confident about taking action. Stay tuned.
Hi, Shannon Waller here, and welcome to Team Success. Today, what I want to talk about is really giving your teams permission to take action and how to do that in a way that empowers them, and also doesn't scare the pants off you. There can be a lot of trepidation, let me put it this way, when you say, "Oh, just go to it." Then, your team does things that you did not expect, which clearly steps outside the boundaries of what you were thinking. How do you possibly make this work?
Now, there are really two parts to this. One is we want our teams to be self-managing, I'm hoping. That means you're freed up to do new things, create new value, find new ways of moving the business ahead. Otherwise, you're stuck making every single decision, in which case, why do you actually have a team? So, there's that.
That's one part of it. That's why you want people able to make really good, clear decisions that are kind of in alignment with what needs to happen. But sometimes you might be wondering, "Why aren't people taking more initiative? Why aren't they stepping ahead?" This is part of having an entrepreneurial attitude. One of the things that I've realized is that for a lot of leaders, especially owners, entrepreneurs, visionaries, is that we tend to ask for forgiveness, not permission. We can forget that other people on our team need that permission. So if that's not your orientation, you can feel weird. You can feel awkward to have to go and tell someone, "Well, this is your job. You're supposed to be doing this." They're like, "Oh, okay. Just wanted to make sure." Sometimes they'll ask you 2, 3, 4, or 5 times. They need to be reassured that it is okay for them to take this action, and this is what is really important for us to understand, because they don't want to screw up.

About the Author

Shannon Waller, Entrepreneurial Team Strategist, is a natural collaborator who instinctively saw that a thriving Unique Ability® Team can strengthen their entrepreneur, the business, and themselves. A win-win-win. Go, team, is Shannon’s rallying cry.

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