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Crafting Your “Why Story” For Maximum Impact: How To Attract And Retain Great Talent, with Deirdre Van Nest

Are you looking for a new strategy to help attract and retain really great talent? Unlock the secret to captivating your audience and igniting your entrepreneurial journey with Deirdre Van Nest, renowned storytelling expert and coach. In this episode of the Team Success Podcast, Shannon and Deirdre reveal the transformative power of the “Why Story”—a potent tool that distinguishes entrepreneurs from their competition and resonates deeply with clients, customers, and team members. Through practical frameworks and real-life examples, you’ll learn how to craft a compelling Why Story that showcases your mission, values, and leadership qualities. You’ll also discover how vulnerability and authenticity can strengthen personal connections and build trust. Join us in uncovering the art of storytelling and its profound impact on entrepreneurial success in this dynamic and inspiring episode!

Show Notes:

  • Your personal brand Why Story is a three-minute story that explains why you care about the people you serve, and its purpose is to increase trust, connection, and likeability.
  • It should showcase your personal mission, values, and leadership qualities.
  • Sharing personal stories that engage people on an emotional level is a fast and effective way to connect with potential team members (and clients) on a deeper level.
  • Your Why Story is a powerful tool that will allow you to differentiate yourself from your competition.
  • It’s also a powerful tool for establishing credibility in the marketplace.
  • By sharing your authentic self and genuine passion, you can attract and retain incredible talent, even in the most competitive industries. Your Why Story is like a magnet for right-fit team members.
  • It’s also an effective filter for team members whose values don’t align with your own.
  • It’s essential that you tailor your Why Story to your specific niche or target audience. This may mean you have multiple Why Stories—for example, one that’s client-facing and one that’s candidate-facing.
  • By honing your storytelling skills and embracing vulnerability and authenticity, you can create memorable experiences and make a lasting impact on your audience.
  • People aren’t interested in credentials. They’re interested in purpose.


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Who Not How by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy

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Episode Transcript:
Shannon Waller: Are you looking for a new strategy to help attract and retain really great talent? Stay tuned for a breakthrough strategy from my good friend, client, and coach, Deirdre Van Nest, as she reveals a really profound way to attract and retain great Whos.
Hi, Shannon Waller here and welcome to Team Success. I am again, beyond thrilled to have my good friend and client and coach, she's my speaking coach, Deirdre Van Nest from Crazy Good Talks. And today we're going to talk about something that really relates to your business, Deirdre, which is coming up with something called a Why Story. We'll get into what that is, but how you can use it to both attract and retain really great talent, in other words, finding great Whos. People will tell you about the talent wars and people will be competing and there are enough good people out there, and all the good ones want to work only remotely and they don't want to come and see you and you have to have foosball tables and all of this stuff that people are. But you have actually hit on something, a strategy that is, I love it 'cause it's so transparent, for attracting and retaining talent based on this.
Before we jump into that though, you are someone who is a really gifted communicator, so you really know why the Why Story is so critical, and we did a long introduction in our last podcast together, so please feel free to go back and listen to that if you're curious. But what is it that is so powerful or important or meaningful to you about speaking? You're a gifted communicator, your keynote was unbelievable, but why do you love it? Most people hate it and they don't lean in, but you do. So what is it about speaking that's so powerful?
Deirdre Van Nest: There's a couple of things. One is people have a lot of choices in how they spend their time today, and people are juggling a lot. There's a lot pulling at people. And so my mentality when I stand in front of a room, whether it's for an hour or 90 minutes, a half day, a full day, is this better be so good that they are glad they spent their precious moments with me. I'm very well aware someone might be a new dad or a new mom, that could have been spent with their baby and they're with me. So I have a responsibility to, a friend of mine calls it, edutain them. To educate them, change their world, but entertain them and keep them riveted and engaged and emotionally connected at the same time. So there's that responsibility. So I love providing that experience for people. It's not just a speech, it's an experience.

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Shannon Waller, Entrepreneurial Team Strategist, is a natural collaborator who instinctively saw that a thriving Unique Ability® Team can strengthen their entrepreneur, the business, and themselves. A win-win-win. Go, team, is Shannon’s rallying cry.

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