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The One Hire To Transform Your Business And Your Life With Steven Neuner And Ryan Cassin

In part 3 of Shannon Waller’s interview with Superpowers partners Steven Neuner and Ryan Cassin, they get into the details of finding and training a Strategic Assistant® who will grow alongside you and free you up to achieve more, faster. Listen in to learn how to overcome resistance, invest in the perfect partnership, and foster open communication for long-term, transformative payoffs.

Show Notes:

Overcoming Resistance To Hiring An Assistant

  • Ryan and Steven note entrepreneurs often resist hiring an executive assistant because they wonder if there’s enough work to give them or how it would free them up, amongst other concerns.
  • Ryan’s process starts with identifying the entrepreneur’s Unique Ability® and how they would spend their ideal day.
  • Ryan then asks the hiring entrepreneur about the types of people they most enjoyed working with and what traits and skills they had in common.
  • Once entrepreneurs get a picture of how an executive assistant could positively impact their available time and energy, they answer their own question of why they should hire one.

After Committing To Hiring An Executive Assistant, You’ll Need Courage

  • Steven refers to the Strategic Coach® concept of The 4 C’s Formula® and how it applies to entrepreneurs who make the commitment to hire, then must face the fearful stage with courage. Only when you pass through that phase will you develop new capabilities and experience the confidence of having achieved something difficult and new to you.
  • Shannon describes how each new Strategic Assistant hire was a new 4 C’s cycle for her that required courage to get through the fear stage of not knowing if she would find the right person.
  • The discomfort during the courage phase is worth all the new capabilities and confidence that result from finding the right-fit assistant.

Hiring An Executive Assistant As An Investment

  • Shannon emphasizes that entrepreneurs should have an investment, not cost, mindset and allocate the time and money into building a long-term relationship with their assistant.
  • The investment is not only in the other person, but in your own growth, productivity, freedom, free time, etc.
  • As with most investments, allowing time for the relationship with your executive assistant to develop is key to maximizing the payoff.

Where To Find An Executive Assistant

  • An executive assistant is not a virtual bot who only does the same handful of tasks over and over.
  • Ryan believes the goal is for the executive assistant to lead in the relationship, while the entrepreneur stays the boss.
  • Superpowers originally hired assistants from the U.S., but transitioned to exclusively hiring and training people from the Philippines.
  • Ryan compares the pros and cons of hiring locally versus internationally and recommends hiring assistants from the Philippines for their long-term career commitment, English fluency, and willingness to shift their work hours to match their overseas entrepreneurs.

Executive Assistants Who Want To Grow Their Career In Their Role

  • Superpowers cultivates the long-term career growth of their assistants through their Three Cs training focused on curriculum, coaching, and community.
  • If you’re planning on growing as an entrepreneur, you need an executive assistant who is also eager to grow alongside you.
  • The right executive assistant for an entrepreneur must be as aspirational as their entrepreneur.

Set Up A New Executive Assistant To Win

  • Along with the core activities to delegate—email, to-do, and calendar management—entrepreneurs should prepare how they will communicate with the assistant (using the Communication Builder tool) and what role they expect the assistant to grow into.
  • Entrepreneurs must be willing to be open, transparent, and coachable.
  • Entrepreneurs must be prepared to share the company goals and their personal ambitions with their assistants.

The Key Difference Between An Assistant Who Is Life-Changing And Somebody Who Helps Around The Business

  • If entrepreneurs want to accept an assistant’s help to achieve their stated goals, they have to accept their coaching in the necessary areas that will better serve those goals.
  • Sharing more personal habits and preferences may be uncomfortable but being transparent with their assistant is essential for success.
  • Entrepreneurs must give permission from the outset for open, two-way conversation about the work and also how to best work together.
  • With a solid relationship foundation, the assistant can create the most value for you, eliminating dangers, capturing opportunities, and maximizing strengths on your behalf.

The Best Time To Hire An Assistant Is Now

  • Entrepreneurs frequently say they need to get everything cleaned up before they can get an assistant.
  • In Ryan and Steven’s experience, this never happens, and it’s a terrible excuse anyway.
  • Consider that, for someone whose Unique Ability includes organization, no matter how you clean up your mess, that person will end up reorganizing and restructuring your processes to maximize efficiency anyway.
  • he activities that you’re incompetent or passing competent in may be a chore for you, but they’re actually a fun challenge for someone with the right Unique Ability.

Logistical Concerns

  • Because of the amount of access assistants must have to be effective, entrepreneurs must have non-disclosure and employment agreements in place to safeguard privacy.
  • Cross-device password software such as 1Password or LastPass will help assistants access various accounts without having to know the specific passwords for each.
  • Technical training has to include cyber security awareness training about phishing and other social engineering threats and sophisticated AI scams.

Finding The Right-Fit Assistant Takes More Work Than You Think

  • Many entrepreneurs take shortcuts during the hiring process, only interviewing a handful of people and asking the same questions they would ask for any hire.
  • Superpowers averages about a hundred candidate interviews for every position they fill.
  • Top candidates will complete at least four rounds of interviews and performance tests.
  • Though it sounds like a lot of time and effort, it’s absolutely worth the investment to transform what you can achieve.


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Episode Transcript:
Shannon Waller: Hi. Shannon Waller here, and welcome to Team Success. I am back with Steven Neuner and Ryan Cassin of Superpowers. I'm really psyched because last time we talked about what kind of assistant is best for you, and now we're going to get into some of the, I want to call it nitty-gritty, of really, what does it look like when you have somebody? First of all, how are you going to find them? How are you going to prepare to hire an assistant or get some help, get some "Whos" to help you, which the two of you are brilliant and expert at.
Then in our next podcast, we're going to actually talk about the first 90 days. 30, 60, 90, which you guys have both very cleverly called crawl, walk, and run. So that's something to look forward to. So stay tuned for that. But today we're going to jump into actually doing some of the legwork, the preparation to make sure that this new investment that you're making is really going to pay off. So, I'm excited to jump into this topic. Welcome back, Steven and Ryan, and really happy to jump in today.
Ryan Cassin: It's great to see you, Shannon. Thank you.
Steven Neuner: Thanks, Shannon.
Shannon Waller: Great. So let's jump in with what's really important in terms of hiring and preparing for an assistant. How do people need to think about it? Then, we'll obviously get into what they need to do. I know for me, it feels like kind of like a big deal. How do I go about doing this? I may have decided I need this type of a person. But what's the next step in the thinking or decision-making process that someone needs to be aware of?

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Shannon Waller, Entrepreneurial Team Strategist, is a natural collaborator who instinctively saw that a thriving Unique Ability® Team can strengthen their entrepreneur, the business, and themselves. A win-win-win. Go, team, is Shannon’s rallying cry.

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