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10x Takes You Out Of Your Industry

This year, I started a new program based on the idea of multiplying everything in your business and life by 10. In preparing for this, I spoke to about 100 individuals who’d made the passage into achieving real multiples in their personal income, in their capability, in their achievements, and in freeing themselves up to achieve bigger things—and I noticed something peculiar about these discussions.

The people I spoke to got very excited as they talked about what they did, but almost never mentioned what they sold. They just weren’t interested in having that conversation. But how they grew and multiplied themselves—they found that fascinating.

These entrepreneurs came from a range of totally different industries. In business terms, they had nothing in common with one another. In talking with them, however, I began to see that they had far more in common with each other than with anyone else in their respective industries.

Imagine a group of people who’d climbed Mount Everest. After such a literally “peak” experience, they would share an incredible bond and all kinds of reference points that other people who hadn’t had that experience couldn’t really understand. Any sort of epic adventure and achievement will unify people at a certain level.

It’s the same with people who’ve achieved 10x—except the commonality isn’t any external factor, but an internal clarity, confidence, and capability they’ve gained from achieving something big.

This leads me to think that 10x is an industry unto itself. Those who’ve attained it have passed from a commodity-based industry, where what draws people together is what they sell, to a realm of 10x aspiration, progress, and results. At that level, you’re no longer in your original industry, but in this new, limitless industry that simply can’t be commoditized because it’s internally generated.

That’s the first 10x transformation—where you as an individual reach a multiplier level and transcend your industry. The next transformation occurs when you take this dynamic into your company, so every aspect of it has the capability of going 10x—including all your team members.