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Cartoon: 3 Responses To Growing Global Entrepreneurship


Technology and entrepreneurism have created remarkable changes in our society over the past few decades—and the transformation is just beginning.

In short, our world is being reorganized. So, how are people reacting? There seem to be three main responses, based on how entrepreneurial or bureaucratic our thinking is. Here’s a quick summary of them.

The 3 Responses To Growing Global Entrepreneurship  1. The best get better. The most successful entrepreneurs take advantage of new capabilities, creating greater wealth and autonomy for themselves, while providing new opportunities for millions of others.  2. The beginners get braver. Entrepreneurs at beginning levels of success, along with dissatisfied bureaucrats who know they must become entrepreneurial, gain confidence and direction from witnessing the example of the best entrepreneurs.  3. The bureaucrats get more resistant. Hard-core bureaucrats who can’t imagine any other existence do everything possible to impede entrepreneurism. But nobody considers bureaucratic leaders to be role models anymore. Rather, they’re seen as completely mired in the past, unresponsive to the present, and blind to the future.  TM & © 2014. The Strategic Coach Inc. All rights reserved. Illustrations by Hamish MacDonald.

Are you taking advantage of new capabilities, creating greater autonomy for yourself, or providing new opportunities for others? Tell us how in the comments!