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Cartoon: 4 Painfully Obvious Communication Strategies Everyone Forgets


It’s common to talk about the need to “improve our communication,” yet people often lack practical strategies or don’t know what’s wrong or how to fix it.

Communication is much more than simply transferring information—it’s a dynamic, interactive process between people who each have unique and often very different perspectives.

As you interact with your team members on a daily basis, you may experience a variety of communication issues. Others may interpret your communications very differently than you intended. This can leave you feeling frustrated, and you may not be getting the results you want or expect.

Effective communication and entrepreneurial success go hand in hand.

The better the communication, the more successful the team.

Where do you start? Begin by learning how other people receive information so you can position your message in a way that it will actually be heard. People receive information in their own ways, not necessarily in yours. It’s easy to make the assumption that other people do things just like you do. Here are some strategies you can use to connect with your team and communicate more effectively.

Four Painfully Obvious Communication Strategies Everyone Forgets. Illustrated by Hamish MacDonald.