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Cartoon: 4 Questions To Improve Your Communication With Anyone


Communication can be a tricky thing. But there’s actually a way to feel much more confident in this minefield of possible misunderstanding and irritation.

We’ve zeroed in on four aspects of the communication process that are totally idiosyncratic, yet—and here lies the rub—we tend to assume that the other person is exactly like us in this regard.

At Strategic Coach, being very big on asking the right questions, we’ve come up with four questions to ask the other person that can can improve your communication and result in a positive experience for both sides—and, most important, a more successful result.

Here’s how to improve your communication with anyone! Ask each other these four questions…and share your answers: 1) “How do you like to give information?”; 2) “How do you prefer to get information?”; 3) “What’s the best time of day for you?”; 4) “When you’re under pressure…would you rather be left alone to get on with it, or does it help to have some company, reassurance, or a sounding board?” Remember this communication tip: What matter isn’t what you say, but the result you get!