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Do The “Stuff”-To-Energy Transfer

Stuff vs Energy. Looking ahead to next year, which activities get to come with you, and which will you leave behind?

A new year is a great opportunity to choose what gets to come into the future with you and what you want to leave behind.

Which is which? One great way to decide is to look at what gives you energy and what’s just “stuff.” Certain relationships, activities, and even thoughts energize, excite, and motivate you. Others bog you down and impede your progress.

For many of the entrepreneurs in the Strategic Coach Program, “stuff” includes administrative work, accounting, and scheduling. And they get energy from keynote speaking, relationship-building face time with clients, and creating a vision for the future of their organization.

Of course, this is very personal: One person’s “stuff” is another person’s energy booster. And thank goodness for that, because it makes Unique Ability Teamwork possible!

So before next year starts, do a quick inventory of your current relationships, activities, and mindsets. Which energy boosters get to come with you into the new year? And what “stuff” will you leave behind?

Illustration by Hamish MacDonald.