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Goal-Setting Idea: Do More Of What Works

Do More Of What Works

If you’re looking at your goals for this year – or even next week – consider simply doing more of what works.

How do you identify “what works” so you can do more of it? You can begin by thinking in terms of productivity and leverage:

  • Productivity is achieving the greatest results in the shortest period of time.
  • Leverage is accomplishing the greatest results with the least amount of effort.

What do you do that creates big results in a short time (productivity)?

Think about a situation where this happened. Why did it work so well? Maybe you:

  • Had lots of time to do what you do best – without distractions.
  • Delegated something you don’t enjoy and aren’t good at.
  • Worked with a partner who was perfectly aligned with your intentions.

What do you do that creates great results with little effort (leverage)?

Perhaps this happens when you’re:

  • Having conversations that generate new business.
  • Choosing “right-fit” clients to start with – the people you want to work with, not just whoever wants to work with you.
  • Hiring team members who are uniquely good at doing their part.

Why not get started now? Take a few minutes to get your thinking down on paper.

  • List three situations where you were really productive, then three where you leveraged yourself with great success.
  • Ask yourself what the root activity, approach, or advantage is in each one. How can you recreate those situations, and do these things more often?
  • Come up with a strategy for each circumstance, and you’ll have six ways to do more of what works – and dramatically improve your results!

Sometimes, as entrepreneurs, we feel we have to reinvent the wheel every time, come up with something entirely new and, hopefully, even more exciting. Instead, whatever gets you your best results – why not try that? Getting more practiced and successful at these should certainly take your results even higher.