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How Collaboration Can Work For Business Growth


As you develop and grow your capabilities, you can start to combine them in new ways to create something greater, but you’re also able to collaborate at a much higher level with other people.

Since I turned sixty-five (which is usually checkout time for a lot of people!), I’ve noticed that all of a sudden my ability to collaborate with the 10x capabilities of other entrepreneurs has taken a quantum leap. I’ll give you examples:

  1. My podcast series 10x Talk with Joe Polish. We’ve been great collaborators since Joe and I met 20 years ago.
  2. The Abundance 360 program with Peter Diamandis.
  3. The Engagement Multiplier platform with Stefan Wissenbach.
  4. My use of Steven Palter and Michele Lang’s Lodestone communication platform.

These collaborations have huge impacts on the marketing and sales of Strategic Coach and the development of the new level in Strategic Coach, The Game Changer Jump Program, and demonstrate how collaboration can work for business growth.

Becoming a Game Changer.

The very essence of The Game Changer Program is that the entrepreneurs have developed a Self-Managing Company, they’ve developed 10x capabilities with that Self-Managing Company, and they’re now in a position that if they wanted to go 100x, they wouldn’t do it inside their own company. Instead, they would do it by collaborating with someone in the marketplace who has everything that would be needed for them to multiply and go into the future while staying inside their own Unique Ability.

I created The Game Changer Program out of the experience of collaboration in my own life, and since I’ve started planning for the program, I’ve been looking everywhere for more opportunities to practice what I’m going to be preaching. This is a massively interesting, exciting, and motivating time for me, and at seventy-three, I’m looking now at the next 25 years, which are going to be incredibly more fascinating and motivating.

Your 10x capability multiplied by someone else’s 10x capability produces a 100x result.
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It’s all just capability.

In a funny way, as I get older in years, I’m getting younger in outlook. This is because at the center, it’s all just capability: my capability, the capability of all of my team members inside Strategic Coach, and now these outside capabilities that I can collaborate with.

If you want to know why things are the way they are in the world, it all came from individuals developing themselves and then teaming up and collaborating with other people. That’s the explanation for politics, science, technology, the entire entertainment industry—this is how it happened. So if you understand this principle in yourself, you can see it everywhere outside of yourself. But if you’re focused on comparing yourself with others, then you’ll feel like life is unfair and there’s great injustice in the world. This may be the case, but I believe the only solution is for individuals to take responsibility for their capabilities and move forward. Do this for two weeks, and all of a sudden, the future looks different.

Success stories.

I love success stories where people have, regardless of their circumstances, realized what they could do in that situation. They’ve simply built up their capabilities and they’ve gotten out and transcended any obstacles or difficulties. Some of our favorite stories to hear about in society are about people who’ve succeeded despite challenges, and how every single one of them has done it is through their own development of their capabilities.

My feeling is that this is the way of the future for entrepreneurism: you get your own act together, you take your capability seriously, you create a great support team around it, and you get to the point where you have a capability that’s showing up in the marketplace. Then, instead of saying, “We’re going to expand our organization by 10x and add 10x more people,” you stop right there and say, “Why don’t we just take our Unique Ability, go out and match it up with someone else’s Unique Ability, and put the two together?”

A 100x result.

Your 10x capability multiplied by someone else’s 10x capability produces a 100x result. This shows how collaboration can work for business growth instead of trying to grow by changing things inside of your own company. Your Unique Ability and your company’s unique capability are anchors that remain the same. By combining your capability with that of another entrepreneur, you can grow exponentially without compromising or tampering with what has made you unique and successful.

That’s my whole personal engagement with the future—doing that more and more for myself and for Strategic Coach, and then in The Game Changer Program. For every entrepreneur who has the background that they can now do this, we’ll put them where they can do this with other entrepreneurs. It’s going to produce explosive exponential results for the entire Strategic Coach community of great entrepreneurs.

About the Author

Dan Sullivan is the world’s foremost expert on entrepreneurship in action. He is the founder of The Strategic Coach Inc. and creator of The Strategic Coach® Program. Visionary, creative, wise, playful, and generous, he is a true champion of entrepreneurs worldwide.

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