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How Couples Use Strategic Coach To Grow Together


Time is a paramount concern for entrepreneurs; many believe the longer they work, the more their business will grow.

This makes finding a balance in business and relationships challenging—often, with a lot of guilt and worry attached to it. So what does a good balance look like for successful entrepreneurs?

Some of the best strategies for maintaining a connected and meaningful relationship while simultaneously growing your organization are captured through the stories of three couples who are using The Strategic Coach Program to grow and succeed together.

Put the focus on all aspects of your life.

Members of the Strategic Coach community for 11 years, Edith and Darrel Martin recognize the value in dedicating time and giving the necessary attention to all areas of their lives.

For Edith, the Coach environment is a place where she can ask the bigger future questions like, “Where will I be in 10 years and what will I want to be doing, what will our kids be doing, where will we be taking our grandchildren, what trips might we want to be going on?”

Edith and Darrel believe that giving yourself the time to reflect on your personal goals and how they align with the people you want to share them with is just as important as your business. Beyond leading a more balanced life, Darrel explains that as partners, they’ve collectively reached a place where they’re thinking bigger than ever before.

Stay connected to your vision and goals.

Shannon Aronson and David Silverstrom believe that to lead a less complicated life and nurture your relationship, you need to stay connected to your goals.

Strategic Coach is a place, Shannon explains, “where you can carve out the time to honor your relationships, honor what you want to do with the future, and actually invest in that.” She says, “We all spend so many hours investing in work and other people and children and charities and all those things. This is about putting in the time our relationship deserves to keep our priorities front and center.”

Not only has this experience given Shannon and David tools to grow together, it’s allowed them to realize they weren’t setting their sights high enough. “This program has been instrumental in our believing that we can push further and accomplish the life we want,” Shannon says.

Do you feel a tug of war between work and family? Download our starter kit, a comprehensive collection of resources that will tell you about The Strategic Coach® Program and how to lead a more balanced life.

Live with more purpose.

Through the time they’ve spent at Strategic Coach, Steve and Lisa Ashworth have made a conscious effort to be more present and purposeful in their lives.

“Sometimes when you have two people working, and you have kids, and all their activities, you’re just getting sucked through your life,” explains Lisa. “You have to stop and realize where you’re at so you can start doing things again with more purpose and planning.”

Steve and Lisa pride themselves on committing to time where they can focus on building a bigger life together and also on the smaller things like their first three-week vacation. Their connection is continually strengthened by knowing they’re always working on where they want to go.

For entrepreneurs, time is everything, and the more you take on, the more challenging it becomes to manage your relationships. But it’s important to remember why you’re doing it all and to keep top of mind that finding balance helps in all aspects of your life. Take advantage of opportunities that help you grow together and see the difference it makes.