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How To Stay Grounded In Life & Business (Especially During Uncertain Times)


There is one ability that leverages and reinforces all of the other skills and abilities we have. It is the key to operating effectively as an entrepreneur and it translates just as well to your personal life. In times of uncertainty, it can be the differentiating factor between the businesses that survive and those that fail.

It’s the ability to stay grounded and present.

When we’re able to stay grounded in our life and business, we become alert and aware of opportunities in a way that others are not. Learning how to stay grounded will allow you to always make the right decisions in the moment and feel confident navigating any change in your life or business.

Too often, we hold on to the past or have unrealistic expectations about the future. To stay grounded, we need to learn how to let go of these notions and live entirely in the present. That’s why we’ve created The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Being Present, which offers 12 distinct strategies for learning how to stay grounded in life and business.

Entrepreneurs need to stay grounded now more than ever.

Being present is always important—but when times become uncertain or chaotic, the need to stay grounded becomes even greater. In a rapidly changing world, we need to focus on what’s happening right now. The past, future, or other distractions aren’t going to get us through the problems we’re facing in the moment.

As the coronavirus continues to affect nearly every aspect of our lives, we’ve noticed that most of our entrepreneurs in The Strategic Coach Program were able to fully adjust to this “new normal” within the first six weeks. This was no small task! Most of our entrepreneurs were forced to make massive changes to their lives and businesses, sometimes reinventing themselves entirely.

They were able to do this because they knew how to stay grounded amidst the chaos that was going on around them. The entrepreneurs that have successfully reinvented themselves during these uncertain times were able to do so because they were thinking and acting in the present. They immediately recognized that the world was changing around them, which allowed them to quickly figure out what needed to happen in that moment to keep their life and business on track.

We’ve recognized that this ability to stay grounded in life and business is crucial for entrepreneurs who are trying to adjust their businesses and navigate the “new normal” we find ourselves in. As a result, there is perhaps no better time to review The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Being Present.

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Being Present.

The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Being Present breaks down 12 strategies that will dramatically increase your ability to stay grounded in the present, no matter how uncertain or chaotic the times.

This guide can be summed up with three core concepts that all entrepreneurs need to understand if they want to stay grounded in the present:

  1. Recognizing the past for what it is (and isn’t).
  2. Recognizing the future for what it is (and isn’t).
  3. Understanding the true power of Unique Ability in the present.

In the guide itself, we get into all the specifics by showing you how to implement the 12 strategies for yourself. But from a high-level perspective, these three core lessons are the key to understanding how to stay grounded in life and business.

Want to put this knowledge to use? Download The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Being Present to discover and implement our 12 strategies for staying grounded. It’s the best way to reduce your anxiety and uncover all the opportunities available to you right now. Click here to download.

The past, the future, and Unique Ability.

Too often, entrepreneurs get hung up on the past and the future without stopping to live in the present. Letting go of the past—both the failures and successes—is one of the key steps to staying grounded because it allows you to stay alert to the different demands of our changing world. Think of it like driving a car: staring at the rear view mirror might give you some useful information, but it won’t help you figure out how to steer.

The reality is that past successes often become meaningless as the world changes and evolves. We’ve seen this first-hand with the coronavirus pandemic. What was successful in the “old normal” may no longer be successful in our “new normal,” yet many entrepreneurs are too focused on their past successes to fully grasp this.

The future provides a similar pitfall, as human beings often fall into the trap of determinism. We often assume—whether we realize it or not—that we’re under the control of some outside forces that make our individual choices and accomplishments meaningless. But that’s not true in the slightest! We create our future, as we are completely responsible for our lives and our actions.

What that really means is that the future is created in the present. Staying grounded and thinking in the moment is actually the key to creating our future.

And, finally, understanding the true power and role of your own Unique Ability (what you love to do and do best) and those of the people around you is perhaps the highest capability of being present in life and business. Unique Ability is the foundation for nearly everything we do at Strategic Coach, and for good reason. As we focus on our Unique Ability above everything else, we automatically become more present and conscious of what’s going on right now.

Just as being present helps create your future, focusing on your Unique Ability in the present allows you to create the best possible future for your life and business.

Take a minute to be present (right now).

If you’re ever feeling anxious, worried, or unsure of what to do with your life or business, take a step back and focus on the present moment. You’ll be surprised to find that nearly all the answers are in front of you—it’s just a matter of staying grounded and being aware of what’s taking place right now.