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How to tell clients and prospects you’re taking free time.

Do you know one of the biggest reasons entrepreneurs struggle with taking Free Days?

They don’t know how to explain them.

Strategic Coach Multiplier Kevan Boyles took a unique approach to explaining Free Days in his email auto-reply. It lets clients, prospects, and vendors know why Free Days are going to benefit them in a professional, clear, and caring way. We love it and asked Kevan if we could pass it on. Here it is:

Dear Paulette Sopoci,

I’ve received your email, but I’m out on Free Days until Wednesday, September 5th, 2012. I’ll read it as soon as I return.

“Free Days” are 24-hour periods free from all work-related thinking, communication, and activity. They help me stay creative at work, keep me physically and mentally healthy, and deepen my relationships with the people in my life that matter most.

Free Days mean that when you get to be with me, I will always be fully  charged and fully present. My work time is then spent in the creative zone, where things are easier, relationships are more enjoyable and helpful, I have lots of new ideas, and my actions are effective.

If you need immediate attention, please call my office at 999-999-9999. My team members are specialists and have Unique Abilities that enable them take better care of you while I’m away.

Thank you for understanding.

Kevan Boyles

Many thanks to Kevan for letting us share on the blog! Our Multipliers can be impressively resourceful, wouldn’t you agree?