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How To Train Your Mind For Extraordinary Success



Imagine if you were able to travel 100 years into the past – but still know everything you know now about which technologies were going to pay off. There were seven big technologies over that time frame that you’ll immediately recognize:

  • Electricity
  • Telephone
  • Audio recordings
  • Radio
  • Moving pictures
  • Automobiles
  • Airplanes

As with every new technology, lots of people were suspicious of and resistant to these seven new developments. But if you’d been there, knowing what you know now, and wanted to create the biggest possible future for yourself, what would you have done?

You would have paid attention to how life was changing, invested your money in these new technologies, and organized your business to take advantage of them — both in terms of your operations and in terms of who you had as clients and customers.

In other words, you would have developed a Multiplier Mindset. When you have this attitude, you’re being:

  • Alert – Noticing what’s new, better, and different.
  • Curious – Always interested in how things are being used and how people benefit from them.
  • Responsive – Taking actions and risks, making decisions and investments.
  • Resourceful – Taking advantage of everything you already have as an individual and a business owner, and multiplying those resources with the new technologies you find.

This attitude is the first part of the Mindset. The second is what you’re focusing on – specifically, that you’re always looking for ways to make everything:

  • Faster – Get results much more quickly.
  • Easier – Get results with far less effort.
  • Cheaper – Get results with less cost.
  • Bigger – Get bigger and better results.

So if this is what you did 100 years ago, what kind of incredible business empire would you have today? How many times over would you have multiplied your capabilities and resources as an individual and business?

The bad news is that we can’t travel back 100 years and change history. But the good news is that it’s actually much easier to accomplish exponential growth today because, in today’s world, we’re surrounded by multipliers — anything that can multiply your capabilities, influence, and results. They’re everywhere.

Even better, we know that the multiplier growth in every area of life, every industry, every marketplace is coming from a single technology: the microchip. Whenever the microchip is applied to any kind of activity or device, things immediately get faster, easier, cheaper, and bigger.

So, standing here in the present, moving forward with the Multiplier Mindset, what could you accomplish over the next 100 years?

That’s what we’re going to examine in here over the coming months: How to apply the Multiplier Mindset framework to every area of your entrepreneurial life, and how you’re going to multiply yourself, your company, and everything and everyone connected to you — for the rest of your life.


About the Author

Dan Sullivan is the world’s foremost expert on entrepreneurship in action. He is the founder of The Strategic Coach Inc. and creator of The Strategic Coach® Program. Visionary, creative, wise, playful, and generous, he is a true champion of entrepreneurs worldwide.

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