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Laws Of Lifetime Growth: Make Enjoyment > Effort

Laws Of Lifetime Growth. 6. Always make your enjoyment greater than your effort.

Laws Of Lifetime Growth: 6.
Always make your enjoyment greater than your effort.

Enjoyment is essential for lifetime growth. Some people believe that success has to be hard earned to be real. They are highly suspicious of any gains that come as a result of enjoyment. If they earn rewards this way inadvertently, they feel guilty. If others appear to be profiting from enjoyment, they question those people’s morality, certain that such gains can only be ill-gotten. Meanwhile, they continue to toil away at things that give them no pleasure, suppressing any hints of enjoyment that may creep through, lest these be interpreted as signs that they’re not “serious” or “professional” and deserving of success. In the process, they cut themselves off from a major source of energy, creativity, and motivation. Finding ways to get more and more enjoyment from your activities is one way to ensure continued growth. Creativity in all fields of activity is intimately linked to playfulness—the constant desire to do new things just for the fun of it. Approach everything you do with this sense of play, and you will ensure that, even though you still get as good or better results, your enjoyment is always greater than your effort.

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Excerpted from The Laws of Lifetime Growth by Dan Sullivan and Catherine Nomura. Copyright © 2006, 2007. The Strategic Coach Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form, or by any means whatsoever, without written permission from the publisher.