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Millions Of Small Solutions

Over the next 10 to 20 years, one of the biggest areas to get hit in the marketplace will be the public sector. There’s a real value to service, but what this value looks like is going to change dramatically, and the answer to our needs won’t be what most people want — which is one big solution. That’s going to disappoint some people. For others, it will be a great multiplier opportunity.

The world is not going to be saved by big institutions, big government, or even big ideas. We will succeed through millions of small innovations. No organization that’s trying to do everything can ever be as useful as an individual who’s concentrated all their time and attention on one particular niche. They love it, it fascinates them, and they eventually reach a genius level of problem-solving ability in this area.

In a microchip age, these people can be found, and they can reach out to their audience, in a way that’s never been possible before. When two or more of these talents communicate and link up, they don’t cancel each other out; they get stronger. Even better, when millions of these small solutions find their niche, they pay for themselves and become a market.

It’s harder to win the Nobel Prize with a small solution. And it requires a change in thinking to give up the idea of a silver bullet. But if you’re someone who has a Unique Ability for solving a specific issue that people have, this is a great time to be alive.