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Quotable Coach: That “Thing” You Do


We all like the idea of being free to do our own thing, but how many people can really say what their “thing” is?

Your Unique Ability® isn’t your job, your education, your business, your role, or any other outside descriptor of who you are or what you do. It’s the underlying talents and inner drive behind all your activities, everything you do. It’s the thing you love, that sets you apart, and makes you a hero to others. If one of the ways you express it got cut off, you’d always find another way to do it.

So what’s your Unique Ability? What do you feel compelled to do, for whom, and why?

If you can articulate this, you have a touchstone you can always come back to when you need clarity. It will show you which opportunities to say yes to and let you feel fine about saying no to others.