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Simplification Is The New Wealth

The very nature of a multiplier is that it dramatically simplifies some aspect of life. This perfectly fits my definition of productivity:

Productivity means getting something done faster, easier, or cheaper.

People who achieve this productivity say things like, “Before, I was doing ten things; now, I’m doing one thing but getting the same results” or “It used to take me ten hours to get something done; now, it takes me half an hour and I get the same results.”

You’re taking complexity — whether it’s time, effort, or cost — and reducing it. The technological world we’re living in today is purpose-built to do this sort of reduction for us: Things happen faster, they’re costing less, and they’re getting easier to use.

Are you positioning yourself to take advantage of this multiplier environment? Is your life getting better, easier, and more enjoyable because of it? The greatest wealth in the world is to have simplicity when everything is complicated for everyone else.

In my next post, I’ll give you a specific example of a multiplier I’m using that can exponentially increase your productivity in creating material for the public in the form of videos, audios, books, and articles.