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We’ve featured several blog posts by Shannon Waller, our entrepreneurial team expert. She’s now written a book called The Team Success Handbook that shares the insights and wisdom she’s gained from coaching team members of entrepreneurial companies for nearly 20 years.

Here’s her introduction to the book:


The Team Success Handbook by Shannon WallerIn 1995, I started coaching the team members of entrepreneurial clients in the Strategic Coach Program. The Strategic Coach Program has phenomenal thinking structures, tools, and concepts to help successful entrepreneurs grow their companies. It reduces the complexity inherent in all business and increases the simplicity of how entrepreneurs handle their time, relationships (both personal and professional), money, and purpose. The majority of our clients’ companies are small businesses with three to 100 employees.

As I was coaching our clients’ team members, I realized that what I was trying to communicate to them wasn’t getting through. There was a way of thinking that was getting in the way. Many team members who had worked for larger organizations were expecting the same type of management and structure in their entrepreneurial company, and it simply wasn’t there.

I decided I needed to design a tool that would help people adopt an entrepreneurial attitude so they could better understand the person they were working for (usually the owner), and from there, be able to develop strategies to help them be successful in an entrepreneurial company.

Together with my colleagues, I identified characteristics, ways of thinking, and actions that worked in our company and our most successful clients’ companies.

Out of that came The Entrepreneurial Attitude exercise, now a core tool in our Team Tools workshops. The Entrepreneurial Attitude lists 12 different success strategies that we consider essential to be an effective, valued team member at Strategic Coach. It’s also what I’ve seen demonstrated by the most accomplished team members I’ve coached from other entrepreneurial organizations.

This handbook will give you, as an entrepreneurial team member, an in-depth understanding of each of these 12 strategies and how to use them to further increase your value to your organization and your sense of fulfillment in your work.

I can vouch for how effective these strategies are because they’ve worked for me. I joined Strategic Coach in 1991 as a sales assistant, and since then have progressed to being a salesperson, program designer, director, speaker, coach, and creator of the Strategic Coach Team Programs using these tools. I’m thrilled to share them with you so you can grow as a person and as a professional, help grow your company, and fulfill your dreams.

To your success,

Purchase your copies of The Team Success Handbook online or call 416.583.7003 or 1.800.387.3206.

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